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I was reading an old book review back from 2010 about a biography of Ken Kesey called Acid Christ and was struck by Kesey’s apparent realization late in life that perhaps he had made a mistake by not writing more, by not insisting on a daily writing regimen.

No doubt there is artistry to be had in life generally and we can pursue mastery of the craft of living as much as in a medium such as literature, music, painting, and the like. He must have had good reason for thinking this about his own pursuit, and as I am still a young man not yet burned out (although perhaps cynical beyond my years) I should pay attention when an elder of his stature makes comments of such poignancy.

My typical excuse is that there is nothing worth writing about. How could this possibly be so? There are a miliion things, a billion, trillion or more things to be discussed if I were to set my mind to it.

Last year I made a dubious maneuver to leave Alaska and return to college at Evergreen in Olympia, WA. I found the transition to be incredibly difficult and not the least because I was suddenly expected to write and share my writing again. There had been no coercion for many years, not that this word — coercion — is entirely appropriate, but there was a kind of threat behind the task: to fail to submit proof of learning is to court failure and indeed I found myself last summer having flunked my course and having submitted not a single assignment.

This curiosity is itself grounds for many words and indeed I hope to unpack some of the reasoning for my actions in the days to come. Perhaps by telling my story to myself (and you, apparently) I will have a better idea of what happened and why.

I have barely scratched the surface but typing in this browser box is laggy and annoying and I think maybe I’m going to see what live music is playing downtown tonight. Happy Friday, I guess.


Written by Ryan Georgioff

April 29, 2016 at 9:03 pm

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