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Summer of Samizdat

Somehow I was roped into giving away my secrets. Hard to say who I was protecting exactly. What I knew for certain was that I had better take care with my expressions.

It’s not my core nature to be so removed from the society surrounding me. Recently I have been forced to conclude that there is nothing so sacred as the truth. If the only way to honor this is by being honest about my own experiences, expecting nothing, that is how I will respond.

I have walked a thin line between worlds. The truth of my blood is an uncertain reality, and I have been thoroughly conditioned by a number of systems beyond my normal comprehension. I have few confidences anymore.

This is a troubling way to be. There must be more, my mind postulates. It is no pure hypothetical; my senses have shown me the door. And each attempt at finding objects of focus within the strange landscape leaves me less certain than before.

What hope I have I cannot explain. Perhaps I am unwilling to give them, whoever ‘they’ are, the satisfaction of control. Perhaps there is a need for an occasional wrench in the gears.

You know what?


Written by Ryan Georgioff

March 31, 2015 at 4:16 pm

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