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Papa — 1/15/2012


Papa always said:
“if you work hard,
and keep your word,
trusting fully in the Lord,
He’ll take you there,
you’ll not be sad.”
So say a prayer
for my Papa.

Papa knew
way down deep
that what we do
only for ourselves
can’t be enough
to feed the Self.
He knew it once,
but Jesus left him
some time ago.

Papa was a man
he told me:
“It doesn’t matter
what you say,
nor how you say it,
to be a man
means honest labor,
there’s no way around it.”
I wish I knew
what he meant.

That’s mostly true
until you’re eighty-six
and your mind begins to go
and nobody visits you anymore.


Written by Ryan Georgioff

April 26, 2012 at 4:09 pm

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