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Composing As Gardening

Composers as Gardeners (Edge)

This struck me immediately as a confirmation and realization of my own creative processes in my career thus far as an artist. Certainly this process was not created in a vacuum, and therefore I can attribute key influences rather specifically — Tokyo Police Club, David Byrne’s blog I read months ago about how he puts syllables to music and then tries to fashion lyrics from the chaos, and of course innumerable others. It also affirms my understanding of chaos theories and complexity which he ever so briefly touches upon.

Most importantly, he explores the territories of metaphysics and what it means to create in general. I wish I had been able to study this kind of thing in my Aesthetics course my sophomore year of college. I would have been far more engaged (can’t get less engaged, since I dropped that class in a hot minute). Not surprisingly the adjunct who was teaching it was, you guessed it, an Architect!

The analogy of the gardener, explored into the realm of being a member of the audience to the final product, resonates so deeply.

The systems of control we know are inferior to the mystery of the chaotic creations we are capable of. It requires a letting go, a sitting back, and allowing the dynamics of the system to work out the details. It can be optimized by knowing the dynamics of the system ahead of time and exploiting characteristics of what is known in order to better propagate the unknown results (choosing seed and conditions affects the outcome of the eventual garden).


Written by Ryan Georgioff

April 13, 2012 at 11:47 am

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