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Not A Prayer

I’ve been thinking a lot. I know that probably comes as a shock to everyone, hence why I decided to be as up-front as possible about it. Thinking about me, my social spheres, my culture, my planet, the universe, and of course life and death themselves. Brian Greene (The Hidden Reality) is saying into one ear that it is very possible that everything — every choice, event, formula, pattern — has already happened and will happen infinite times over. Very difficult to shelve that bit of information; not so different from attempting to store a liquid in your cupboard without the use of a container.

In the other ear Michael Azzerad (Our Band Could Be Your Life) has given me pause about the experience of being in a band, and what it means to be making music in the present age.

I’ve been slowly reading through David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus Infinite Jest for some time now, spawning many thoughts about the artist, the writer, the madman that he was, his relationship with Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections; Freedom) and others. Exploring Wallace’s “Hal Incandenza” has been an unsettling experience, and an energy consuming one at that.

My headphones have been pumping Kurt Vile’s experimentally drugged-out melancholy (Smoke Ring For My Halo), a slew of favorites, and some locals (The We Shared Milk, Radiation City), among others.

Even as I write this I grow tired of blogging. I was tired of it a long time ago. I don’t often have it in me to explain what’s going on in my head, since I can’t put a finger on what my motivations for educating myself are exactly. On a base level (and Maslow would probably approve of this perspective), I am ever-so-painfully aware of the limitations on my influence that are imposed by my current social status, and that the way out is by knowing more and better how to do something, so as to rise. Perhaps it will be cooking (that would be amusing) which finally settles me. Enough of this blather. I’ll write more soon (within the year at least: HA).


Written by Ryan Georgioff

March 7, 2012 at 3:44 pm