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Blind Art Collector

I’m pretty excited. Everything that has happened since returning home has been dense; I’ve explored many limits, met people, shared my mind, established preliminary roots, and Reed Lakes is preparing to release a studio E.P. I suppose I can say this isn’t our first release, but in a way it represents the band as something evolved from our home-recorded six-month reflective. We studied up and built upon our strengths; we addressed our weaknesses and, in the midst of weekend touring, approached a kind of fluency with each other in musical language.

It was harmonious, making this record, and an achievement in many ways, for each of us in unique ways. I didn’t join the band until we moved to Alaska, but the other Reed Lakes have been playing together for years — as perad and Gayda and as nameless noise before that. And from all that came this: Blind Art Collector. We had six weeks, and conjured up five songs. A couple had been jangling around in our heads for months before being finished in Heather’s Garage or, in some cases, at Twisted Penguin. Out of necessity more than artistic intention we entered the studio with the album not-quite-realized and this left each song accessible for spontaneous inspiration and important input from Evan and James.

With some subtle, essential, suggestions to each track and experienced mixing, we eventually wove together some harmonious, sweet tones to interesting beats and out popped our long-gestating E.P.

I’m excited. This album was, and is, a goal of mine since the Yurt, since back when we played Maxine’s Open Mic, since A Three Way E.P. Can’t wait to share it. Stay tuned.


Written by Ryan Georgioff

December 11, 2011 at 12:37 am

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