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The Earth Is Round

The Earth Is Round — 11/13/11


The Earth is round.

The sky,

matte black and endless,

interrupted by chaotic masses

of gravity and gas

permanence; eruptions

and emergence in the cosmos.


The Earth is round.

The scale,

its orbit a flywheel invisible,

emanating an everglow;

auburn sunbeams engulfing

moon’s pale eyeline

apropos the dance of satellites.


The Earth is round.

The sight,

a bloody revolution

vouchsafed in souls; the

mossy center of the universe

belongs to the ant,

his heart a mold.


The Earth is ground.

The sand,

founder of things,

a shifting sea;

mind, its own —

a looking-glass

into vast spaces.


Written by Ryan Georgioff

November 14, 2011 at 3:17 am

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